X is a letter, a blend of two consonants sounds, a symbol of the mysterious and unknown, a mark of danger or of a critical moment.


For this particular Vinsanto, the X is primarily a number, the number 10, and refers to its years spent aging in oak barrels, in safe keeping on the top floor of the Vignamaggio villa.

Ten long years of waiting have bestowed on Vinsanto X an enveloping aroma of honey and nuts, an aftertaste of almonds and caramel and an amber colour with golden reflections.


Golden reflections that we have captured on 24 carat gold-embossed labels.

10 x 10

100 limited edition bottles are adorned with gold-embossed labels, 100 unique hand crafted pieces, 100 small works of art meant as precious keepsakes.


500 hundred bottles of our  Vinsanto X instead, are realized with a metallic label, reproducing the golden effect.