Spending some time in the cellar at Vignamaggio is an experience which brings us to a closer understanding of it. It allows us to discover some of the stages in a long and complex process that has been taking place here for over 600 years: winemaking.
This Open Cellars weekend, we have decided to share this experience with you and provide you with a glimpse into a typical workday of our cellar men (and women).

This week Stefano, Sonia, Mirko, Abdul and Tobia will be labelling and boxing 10.000 bottles of Chianti Classico DOCG Terre di Prenzano. The bottles will then be sent to our merchants to be sold.


But let us start at the beginning, from the vintage, 2013:
At the beginning of October 2013, well into the Vendemmia, the harvesting season, our Sangiovese grapes were handpicked. After a period in stainless steel tanks, where the fermentation process began, the grapes were put into oak barrels where they remained for about a year.


After this period of refinement, the grapes are filtered and aged for about a year. Then the wine is put into glass bottles where the ageing process continues.
The packaging stage of the process, the labelling and boxing, which we mentioned today, is the final one before our bottles leave Vignamaggio.


Packed into a van, our bottles then embark on a new journey that begins on a dirt road through the Chianti hills. For some, the journey will end on a shop shelf not too far away, while others will go on to brave the oceans on cargo ships, reaching unfamiliar lands. The final destination is the same for all our bottles however: they will all end up in your homes, as discreet companions at romantic, sophisticated or lively evenings.
And it is this image that makes us happy to keep producing our wines, every day, as we have done for the past 611 years.