Sweet words on a Monday. Thank you Anders, you made our day!

Dear Carla

Thank you for a few lovely days at Vignamaggio.

As you know, I was there because I had several meetings around Tuscany, and I can’t think of a better place to spend the evenings than Vignamaggio.

I just wanted to let you know, how it feels like being a guest at Vignamaggio, because it is quite unique: 1. Every person I met at Vignamaggio seems like they are part of Vignamaggio, not like someone who “needs to be at work”.

I really mean EVERY one. And I noticed, that every other guest from the young French couple visiting first time to the English couple visiting 6th time, got the same warm treatment as if they were old friends.

One night coming back from the wine bar I brought a half empty bottle of wine and large, used wine glass to my room. Being too tired, I left it on the table, and the next day when I returned from my meetings, the bottle was still there, and so was the wine glass – but the glass was now clean. So the staff actually took the dirty glass to the wine bar, picked up a clean similar glass and took it back to my room, even though it didn’t really belong there. If that is not a royal treatment, I don’t know what is.

2. The food is magnificent. As I told you, I always visit a really, really good restaurant in your neighbourhood when I am around, but this year my diner at Vignamaggio was even better. I woke up late one morning and went directly to the terrasse and ordered a cappuccino.

What did I get? A nice cappuccino and home made, very delicious cantuccini as if I was visiting my mother (but better :-)). The same goes for the two lunches I had: High quality produce, well made and presented equally well. Visitors must be positively surprised!

So when feeling so welcome, you can imagine that coming from the cold Danish early spring, sitting in your restaurant, eating your wonderful food and drinking one of my favourite wines in the whole world, your Cabernet Franc, might just be the best night of the year.

Hope to see you soon again.

Kind regards