There is nothing more comforting than a glimpse of Spring: the warmth over the past few days, the first flowers in the fields, and the hills turning green, are truly enough to lift the spirits. We have added an extra boost of energy to this newfound vitality, with our currant jam,  made from handpicked organic white, […]


The elderberry bush, or sambuco as it is called in Italy, is an indigenous plant that grows spontaneously all over the country, but it is not very well known. Elderflower syrup is used mostly in central and northern European countries, while in Italy, sambuco is more commonly associated with the distinctive anise flavour of Sambuco […]

ANCIENT ‘VERNA’ WHEAT Cristina & Elisa Conversation among Chefs

The anticipation, while dough rises, the velvety sensation of flour running through fingers or the fragrance of freshly baked bread, are images that warm the heart and stimulate the appetite. Flour is the main ingredient in many of our recipes, forms part of our daily lives as well as our past, and evokes familiar memories […]