A recipe for sweet new beginnings

September: month of big projects and new beginnings. Let’s see it in with Frollemente’s dessert recipe starring our lemon flavoured white chocolate.  Cupcake with lemon flavoured white chocolate, lemon curd and meringue flambé   Ingredients for 12 cupcakes: 85 g cake flour 70 g melted butter at room temperature 50 g Vignamaggio’s lemon flavoured white […]

A glorious, festive treat

A dream dessert with a tender heart of raspberries, made by our friends Frollemente with Vignamaggio’s organic raspberry extra-jam: it is a multi layered cake that blends the freshness of our jam with a voluptuous vanilla butter icing. Ingredients: 200 g sugar 3 eggs 100 ml seed oil 350 g cake flour 15ml baking powder (16g […]


There is nothing more comforting than a glimpse of Spring: the warmth over the past few days, the first flowers in the fields, and the hills turning green, are truly enough to lift the spirits. We have added an extra boost of energy to this newfound vitality, with our currant jam,  made from handpicked organic white, […]