Wheat is the symbol of Summer abundance. Watching the golden ears of wheat moving in the wind, soaked in sunshine, is a special and exciting moment, especially for those like us, who love pasta.

Vignamaggio decided to use indigenous and ancient grains like the hard grain Senatore Cappelli and soft grain Verna varieties that have always been planted in this area and are well suited to organic cultivation methods.

Verna and Senatore Cappelli are tall growing grains that produce a lot of straw that is useful for keeping the piglets warm in winter and for mulching the vegetable garden. Both are ground by stone at low temperature to best retain both nutritional value and distinctive flavour. Like this, the grains keep their unique flavour, proteins and mineral salts intact.

Senatore Cappelli durum wheat is mainly used for fresh pasta, while Verna soft wheat is used to produce our flour and pasta, linguine and organic pennette.