Christmas is almost upon us, and just like every year, we find ourselves looking for ideas and inspiration to decorate our homes and ways to celebrate with those dear to us.
For our Christmas table centrepiece, it was to Cristiano that we turned again. He created a simple centrepiece that is really easy to make.
The part we enjoy most is hunting for the berries or for the prettiest fruits. We suggest you find all the material you need while you walk peacefully through the forests or parks of your city, happily avoiding the Christmas season frenzy and those long queues in the shops.


  • One stick of any length you prefer (This will be the base of your centrepiece. Ours was about 1 metre long)
  • Secatuers
  • String
  • 4/8 Fir tree branches (as long as the base)
  • 4 sprays of rosehip about 30 cm long.

We chose rosehip because it’s so easy to find: wild rosehip grows profusely in Italy and is commonly found in hedges and along forest margins. In place of rosehip, one could also use mistletoe, holly or butcher’s broom.

  1. Take the fir branches and cut some string: each length of string will be about 10 cm long and you will need 2 pieces to attach each branch to your stick base.

2. Tie the fir branches from the outside to the inside, twisting the needles towards the outside, in the same direction until you reach the centre of the base. Repeat the process with the other side so that the needles are symmetrical: the centre of your base should be like the one in the photo above.

3. Now that you have dressed your base, it is time to decorate your centrepiece with sprays of rosehip. Take the first spray and twist it to create a circle, tying the ends to the fir branches. Repeat the same operation 4 times, creating a bow with the sprays.

4. Your centrepiece is ready to be personalised with any decorations you like and then put on the table.

Have you already made our Advent Wreath?

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to write to us.

We’ll take this opportunity to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS.